Transport Operations

Agile and safe solutions to the most different types and needs of transportation.

Road Freight Transport

Transjoi provides a responsible and qualified team to work alongside the following operations:

  • Full control of handling, transfer between units and transshipment of materials
  • Merchandise Conferencing and Automation
  • Cross Docking – fast load handling
  • Rotating and Consolidating Loads
  • Distribution and Redesign of Goods
  • Own fleet with tracking and information from all vehicles
  • Product Traceability – with internet consultation
  • Collection and Delivery Management
  • Inbound Flow Management
  • Outbound Flow Management
  • Intermodal and Multimodal Management – synergy between various modes of transport
  • JIT – Just-in-Time – delivery of goods in place, exact measurement and time, avoiding inventory
  • Klt – transport of small components as fractional loading
  • Milk Run – scheduled collection with the supplier according to the customer’s needs
  • Door-to-Door Operations
  • Express and Urgent Freight Management
  • Development of New Operations and Processes
  • Management Negotiation and Freight Quotes
  • Left-handed Return
  • Palletization of Merchandise
  • Scheduling Operations – Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays
  • Vehicle Rental and Manpower Supply for In House Operation
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