Technology, Information and Innovation

Information management and integrated communication.


The quality and agility of Transjoi’s operations is also a result of its fleet being constantly renewed and 100% tracked and with satellite locators, allowing to control all the information inherent to the transport process – such as departure, route, time used, arrival.


Monitoring and management of various real-time functions in vehicles, such as: speed, time and ignition status, time of service, place traveled, among others. Transjoi offers all this to facilitate the day to day of its customers, offering the most advanced and secure tools of management, control, logistics and operation of Brazil cargo transportation services.

IT infrastructure

To ensure efficiency and safety in its management, logistics and communication systems, Transjoi continuously invests in technology. Always updated with the innovations of the segment, the company has a state-of-the-art datacenter, integrated systems and online site that offer operational and administrative information, second to second internal monitoring and the most advanced telephony and communication network. It permanently updates its management, logistics and communication systems to efficiently manage the integration of all its operations.

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