Logistics Operations and Storage

Competitive solutions tailored to the needs of each client.


Just in the right time and the right place. It is on this axis of organization and quality that Izolog works in response to the control of the supply chain of its customers. Transjoi and Izolog carry out their activities in partnership to serve their customers in a unique and complete way. Together with a specially trained team, it meets standards and criteria for safety, handling and storage. It maintains approval of agencies such as Ministério da Defesa, Polícia Federal, Vigilância Sanitária, IBAMA, CONAMA, INMETRO and Licença Ambiental de Operação throughout the national territory.

Logistic Projects

With its expertise in logistics operations, Izolog provides competitive solutions tailored to the needs of each customer.

  • Development of new operations and processess
  • Vehicle Rental and Manpower Supply for In House Operations
  • Reverse Logistics – return of goods and packaging
  • Preparation of Assemblies – wrapping work
  • Shipment and receipt of goods
  • Material handling – internal product transport
  • Separation of goods / Picking


  • Inventory control / Work in Process Inventory – reduction and control of inventory and materials in process
  • Warehouse management – covered, uncovered, bonded or refrigerated
  • Fefo management – priority in the dispatch of goods according to validity
  • Fifo or Peps management – first in stock is the first shipped
  • Lifo Management or Ueps – the last one that enters the stock is the first issued
  • Material Location – Stock Location Management
  • Inventory enhancement – optimized use of storage positions
  • Traceability of goods – history of volume movement
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