Environmental Management and Sustainability

Our practices of sustainability and socio-environmental balance.

Environmental, Social and People Sustainability

Transjoi understands that in order to complete the quality management of its performance, it also needs to invest with balance and sustainability in the socio-environmental space where it interacts with its entire service chain. A care that goes from 74% of environmental preservation area in Joinville unit and extends to other actions developed that impact on the reduction of noise, water, soil and air pollution.

Rainwater Harvesting

  • Collection of rainwater for use in washing vehicles and sanitary facilities
  • Collection of contaminated sand
  • Organic garden on the roof that offers thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Natural ecopability for drainage of rainwater

Effluent Treatment Plant

  • Waste center
  • Patio probes for soil monitoring
  • Use of S Biodiesel
  • Garbage collection

Pollutants Emission Control

  • Pollutants emission control through the Pollution Program
  • Systematic and preventive review of engines, nozzles and injection pumps
  • Pollutant gauging tests using the opacimeter
  • Containerized fuel tanks to ensure environmental protection
  • Use of pollutant-free shampoos
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